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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Georgia is rich with natural, historical, archaeological and architectural landmarks. Culture, folklore, art, lifestyle and hospitality are factors that actively attract tourists from all over the world.

There are more than 300 resorts, among them climate, climatic-balneal and Spa, known since the times of socialism resorts to the famous Borjomi, Sairme, Nabeglavi, Utsera, Bakhmaro, Shovi, and many others.

We invite you to make a trip to Georgia! To see the ancient country of amazing ancient monuments that have survived to the present day. Enjoy wonderful views of picturesque places. Relax on the lovely marine, mineral and ski resorts. To sample authentic Georgian cuisine and of course tasting first-class wines and brandies

Georgians love their country and often repeat: "Georgia has it all: mountains and sea, architecture and vineyards." And indeed, in the relatively small area has concentrated all natural diversity. We will tell you about the most popular tourist destinations.

What to see in Georgia?

The Kartli region

This is the Central and most populated region of the country.  Tbilisi - where in the Middle Ages the Georgian state began is located right here. The region of Kartli must necessarily be visited by those who are interested in the history and culture of Georgia. It is rich in ancient fortresses and churches, museums and art galleries, it is the central and most densely populated region of the country.

Main sights: Cave Town Uplistsikhe and house-Museum of Stalin in Gori, the churches of Ateni Sioni, Samtavisi, Gori castle and others.

Kakheti — The homeland of wine

This is one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia, each year attracting tens of thousands of tourists.

Here are fertile soil, mild climate, abundance of waters and forests and magnificent nature.  Many years ago, Kakheti has become a major winemaking area in the country.

For those who want to learn more about the ancient wine culture of Georgia, visit the rural wineries and cellars, taste a wide variety of local wines and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the Georgian hinterland. And here in Sighnaghi, you can get married at any time of the day or night without first submitting an application, so if you had such plans - Welcome to Kakheti!

Ski resorts of Georgia

For lovers of mountains and mountain sports - the mountains of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, one of the most beautiful in the world, where you can admire alpine meadows, snowy peaks, mountain lakes and waterfalls. Georgian ski resorts Gudauri, Bakuriani, Mestia and Goderdzi are becoming increasingly popular .


Georgia is the most suitable country for connoisseurs of delicious food and wine. Even the most popular Georgian restaurants in major European cities will not equal the authentic local cuisine. Quality products, unspoiled by fertilizers and growth stimulants, give new flavors to any familiar dish.Crispy khachapuri, tender khinkali, juicy kebabs, spicy spices and sauces and of course, wine - all this is waiting for you during the trip.


Gudauri is the most popular and promising ski resort. Unique natural terrain provides ample opportunities for off-piste skiing. There are more than a dozen lines of lifts and many options for descent. In parallel with the tracks, there are wide virgin fields that turn the local slopes into a paradise for free riders. Very popular delivery to the peaks with a helicopter, where you can reach the slopes near and far peaks, including the luxurious snow fields of the Cross Pass. Guaranteed snow cover lasts from November to May. The height of snow cover on the slopes is one and a half to two meters.

Despite the fact that the resort is high in the mountains, the weather typical of Gudauri is warm, sunny and quiet. The height of the resort - 2153 meters above sea level. The skiing region is connected by three bursts of 3 and 4 local Dopelmaer lifts. The third lift takes you to the top of the mountain (3279 meters), from the top of which there is an amazing panorama that you cannot see even if you are not a skier. 22 tracks of different difficulty levels (blue, red, black) are well prepared. The total length of the prepared trails is 57 kilometers, and the descent from the top point to the bottom is 7 km.

For professionals, there are slalom, giant slalom, super giant and downhill routes. All tracks are FIS-certified. Wide open slopes, good opportunities for off-piste and snowboarding. All trails are above the level of the forest. Work instructors, children's ski school, snow park. Several points of equipment rental.


Tetnuldi is the youngest ski resort in Svaneti, the second largest after Gudauri. This is a very authentic Georgian complex with reasonable prices and ample opportunities for skiing, a real paradise for lovers of all winter sports and tourism.

The skiing region in Tetnuldi is focused on the northern, western and southwestern slopes of Mount Tetnuldi (altitude 4858 meters above sea level), at altitudes from 1600 m to 3165 m. The routes in this region are quite diverse and have a total length of 25 km. The longest track reaches 9.5 km, the elevation difference is 900 meters. There are 3 chair lifts POMA (France).

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